Calderwood – Privacy Notice


This Privacy Notice explains how Calderwood processes your personal data, which you have provided us or has been collected through the course of doing business with you, certain marketing activities and interactions with our website.

Calderwood will never share any personal information we hold on you with any third party. We place great emphasis on the security of your personal information, which we will only use in the manner described below.

You can contact us at any time to ask any questions about data security and your legal rights under the various international data protection regimes. Contact us at

Your Personal Information

Calderwood collects and processes certain items of personal data. For some individuals and companies that are part of our mailing list, this information is limited to simply your name, company and email address. For individuals and companies where we have a business relationship or we have explored the possibility of doing business, then we collect and process more types of information. This includes contact information: (name, address, email address and telephone number), ID information for KYC purposes (copies of your ID card and passport and the relevant numbers, place and date of birth, gender). This information may also include details pertaining to convictions, court cases or claims, in order for client due diligence to be performed.

Additional pieces of personal information may be collected and processed as part of the course of doing business, including tax status and residency information, professional and employment information, including information on any directorships or designations you hold and financial information regarding source of wealth, shareholdings and beneficial interests in assets.

Your computer’s IP Address may be collected and logged as you interact with our website. This data does not include any personal information about you but can be used to identify the computer you are using. Websites also use cookies which are small text files used to customise a user’s experience while visiting a website. Calderwood’s website does not use cookies, however if that changes we will notify you as such.

The Sources of Your Personal Information

The personal information we collect and process has been provided to us by you in order that we can include you in our mailing list and update you on developments in the sector relevant to your business or engage in business. Additional information has been collected through our correspondence with you and as part of compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our Responsibilities

Calderwood is the controller of your personal data. That means we take responsibility for how your personal data is collected, used and protected. We take great care to ensure that the security and confidentiality of your personal data is always respected.

We hold and process your personal information, from a communications perspective, in order to keep you up to date with relevant industry developments and news about Calderwood. You will always have the right to stop receiving our updates through the unsubscribe feature. Where we hold and process your personal data for business reasons, we do so on lawful grounds, where it is necessary to comply with our contractual duties and legal and regulatory requirements.

As the controller of your personal data, Calderwood is responsible for its security and we employ a number of sophisticated and robust IT practices to ensure your data remains secure. In the unlikely event of a breach in data security and unauthorised access takes place we will immediately implement our data security response plan and take appropriate action to mitigate the impact. We will also notify both you and the relevant regulatory authorities as required under data protection legislation.

Your Rights

New data protection laws confer a number of rights on subjects that have personal data held by companies. You have the right to enquire and be told if we hold or process any of your personal information in addition to the right to be provided with a copy of your personal information that we hold. If any information is inaccurate you have the right to request it be corrected and where you feel we do not have the right to hold your personal information, or you wish us to no longer process your personal data, you may request that the data be erased.

Any Questions

You can contact Calderwood at any time to raise any questions about the information in this Privacy Notice or about our data protection policies in general. Please email if you would like any further information in this regard.