Distressed Fund Services and Special Situations

Calderwood’s Distressed Fund Services and Special Situations team is one of the most experienced in the Cayman Islands. Our independent directors are routinely engaged in some of the most complex distressed fund and corporate scenarios globally. 

Why Calderwood
Expert knowledge of Cayman corporate restructuring regime
Solution oriented - Finding the right resources
Focus on preserving value for stakeholders
Our process

Trusted to take control of difficult situations, our professionals will make the tough decisions that are required, to maximise recovery and achieve the best result for stakeholders.

With an average of 25-years’ in financial services and experience working through the distressed scenarios from the financial crisis, our team draw on their expertise from varied backgrounds including global insolvency and fraud investigations and the UK Bar.

From the perspective of safeguarding, recovering and returning assets to stakeholders, which could otherwise have been lost, our Special Situations team have encountered and dealt with a myriad of issues affecting companies and their stakeholders in a variety of industries and jurisdictions. We won’t panic if things get contentious and we are often parachuted into such situations. Based on our experience, we are able to have the difficult conversations that need to take place with relevant parties to get the right resolution.

Clients welcome our ability, not just to explain how events may typically turn out in any given scenario, but to provide a realistic assessment, while everyone is heading for the exit. We can therefore propose solutions that represent the least pain for all involved, as well as the best prospects for recovery. We will also make sure the company or fund operates accordingly and avoids any further disputes going forward. In a situation where a fund or company is facing legal action, decisions will need to be made. We will analyse all the relevant issues, take advice where necessary and have a full understanding of the risks.

Calderwood is the best choice for any distressed or special engagement, based on the quality of our team and our familiarity with the Cayman Islands legal system and corporate restructuring regime. Our ability to limit up-front costs and be cost-competitive has also resonated strongly with our clients. With our experience, we can cut through the noise and get to a state where informed decisions can be made. Our flexible approach means we can bring in additional resources as needed, such as forensic accountancy or data recovery, and costs are kept to a minimum by ensuring it is only those resources that are required in the circumstances. We also regularly work with liquidators and receivers either as part of their proceedings or in parallel to preserve value and ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

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